Read news without subscribing, bypass the paywall

"You hit the limit of two articles per month. Pay the subscription or get out."

If this message is common in your life, you will love this extension. It circumvents the restriction of main newspapers that restrict the access when you overcome a monthly amount.



Add to Tampermonkey:

Compatible with Chrome, Edge, Opera e Firefox


  1. Install Mozilla Firefox
  2. Add the extension Burlesco


For iPhone e iPad, please follow these instructions

Burlesco works with the following news websites:

Attention: you really should pay for these publications. Democracy depends on it. If you happen to use Burlesco, please don't use ad blockers, since newspapers need to be funded in some way.

Source code can be used to inspect Burlesco and to install it manually.

You can install the extension manually from source following these instructions.