Instructions to use Burlesco on Chrome

Google removed Burlesco from Chrome Web Store for being considerated a violation of its guidelines. There are two methods of circumvent this issue.

The recommend method is the userscript for TamperMonkey, which has automatic updates. The instructions for userscript install can be found here.

The second method is installing the extension manually. The downside is that will receive warnings asking you to deactivate the Developer Mode on every Chrome startup. Besides that, you won't get automatic updates.

Below are the instructions to install the extension manually:

  1. Download
  2. Extract its contents
  3. Type chrome://extensions/ on Chrome's address bar
  4. Activate Developer Mode on the upper-right corner
  5. Click on Load Unpacked Extension...
  6. Navigate to the folder burlesco-chrome which was unzipped and click Ok
  7. Done! Enjoy Burlesco.

If you use browsers based on Chromeium, you can also install the extension going tochrome://extensions and drag the burlesco-chromium.crx on the page.

How to remove the warning on Windows?

There are some alternatives for who want to use Burlesco on Chrome (Windows) without the warnings asking you to deactivate the Developer Mode.

You can installChrome Canary, which is the beta version of Chrome. It's a distribution not fully production-ready, so it may contains bugs, but won't show the warning.

If you rather use the stable version, you can remove the warning editing Group Policy on Windows, which can be tricky but it's permanent.

Yet another options is to use Chromium. Unfortunately, Windows executables fo Chromium aren't oficially provided by its developers. However, there are executables distributed by by third-parties which can be easily found.

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